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Unleash the Good Dog

We strive to establish a strong and lasting bond of love, harmony, respect, and loyalty between dogs and their human partners. 

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Welcome to Mutt and Tumble

We are a family-owned business whose passion is helping dogs, and their owners get the most out of their relationship. We aim to ensure that humans and dogs are happy and live a well-balanced lifestyle. To accomplish this, we offer various services that target socialization through the power of the pack to behavioral modification. Our experienced trainers are dedicated to giving each dog the love, attention, and care they deserve. We believe that when a dog is happy, the humans in their lives can be happy too.

Mutt and Tumble currently serves San Francisco, Oakland, and it's surrounding areas. 

San Francisco
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Our Services


Free Phone Consultation

We offer a FREE phone consultation to determine how our services best suit you and your dog. During this call, we will ask what your dog's current habits that you would like to correct are.


One-On-One Training Sessions

We specialize in behavioral and obedience modification. During our in-home at-home training, we will observe the interaction between owner and dog to uncover the source of unwanted behaviors. We believe that for the dog to succeed, the owner must also be successful. No package purchase is necessary. Rates differ based on travel and the category of training. For this service, charges will be made session by session and always at the end. Contact us today to get a jump start on a happy life with man's best friend.  


Board and Train

Board and Training allows us, as new and different handlers, to create a new foundation eliminating unwanted behaviors and leaving them in the past. When your dog boards and trains with us, they integrate into our pack and learn the rules, boundaries, and limitations to become well-balanced dogs. Our three pillars to achieve this are Exercise, Discipline, and Affection. Right now, we are accepting new clients but are limited to behaviors. If you need guidance, book a meet and greet today, we would love to hear from you and your furry friend

Our Clients


Meet Our Graduates

At Mutt and Tumble, we reward our dogs with a graduation day to symbolize their hard work and newfound behaviors. Graduates receive graduation photos and photos taken during their board and training. We provide these memories also to encourage owners to continue their dogs' training and ensure a life of happiness and balance.

Contact Us


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